Schildkrot Muller-Wichtel Pia 2022 30cm Doll


  • A beautiful artist doll by Rosemarie Muller
  • Hand knotted human hair wig
  • Fixed brown glass eyes

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Schildkrot Muller-Wichtel Pia 30cm

Wichtel dolls are designed by the well known German artist Rosemarie Muller. They are manufactured in Rauenstein, Germany in the Schildkrot factory. The dolls are made from hard phthalate free vinyl, with hand-knotted human hair wigs and mouth blown solid glass eyes from Lauscha. They are hand painted and have 5 joints making them easy to pose. All of Schildkrot items, including the doll clothes, are made from non-toxic raw materials and are sustainably manufactured from materials produced in Germany.

Schildkrot Muller-Wichtel Pia is a 30cm collectible doll with brunette hair and brown eyes. She arrives in a pretty lemon patterned dress with jade shorts, white knitted socks, jade shoes and a straw hat.  Her outfit is made from top quality materials and to an extremely high standard.

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Weight 1095 g




Eye Colour


Hair Colour



26cm – 30cm

Suitable for age

5 years +

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