Rubens Barn Dolls are designed in Sweden by two female designers called Ewa Jarenskog and Teruko Wahlstrom.  Barn means children in Swedish and children are at the heart of their designs.  They hope that a child playing with a Rubens Barn doll will learn the skills needed to become more sociable and empathic.

Rubens Barn dolls are produced in China by a family run company. The company and their highly skilled seamstresses have been making the dolls from the very beginning and have helped in their development.

The dolls are hand made through more than one hundred separate stages. The faces are sculptured in a soft fleece fabric for a more realistic and emotional look. The eyes are embroidered and help to bring the doll to life and their cheeky smiles make them an irresistable friend.

The hair, skin and stuffing are made from 100% polyester and all the sitting dolls have their bottoms weighted with 100% calcium carbonate granules.

All Rubens Barn dolls can be washed at 30 degrees celsius and can be tumbled dried on a low heat. The clothes should be hand washed.


Here is a selection of the dolls. Click on the link to see all the dolls in that range.

Rubens Cutie dolls are just 32cm long and only weigh 155g making them perfect for babies from birth.

Rubens Barn Cuite Charlie Emelie Jennifer











Rubens Kids dolls are 36cm long and weigh 350g, and are also suitable from birth.

Rubens barn Lollo Kids Rubens Barn Tim Kids Rubens Barn











Little Rubens dolls are 40cm long and are heavier at 700g. These gorgeous dolls are suitable for age 3 years +

Rubens Barn Little Emil Little Meiya