In September Corolle are launching their new range of Ma Cheries dolls. These are currently the Corolle Dolls Les Cheries range. There will be four different 33cm fashion dolls, basically keeping the same formula as they have now. Chloe is a brunette, Clara is a redhead, Camille is blonde and Cecile has African/American coloured skin with light brown hair.

They will all come wearing a pale pink sleeveless dress, underwear and bright pink shoes. They will have sets of stickers to stick onto the dress, so that you can be the designer of your own fashion. There will be seven additional outfits to choose from, all of which are plain and come with stickers for you to create the design you like. Shoes, accessories and additional stickers will complete the new look range.

No images are available yet, but I thought you might like to know why there have not been any new Les Cheries dolls this year.